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I'm curious and enjoy hearing people's stories and understanding their experiences and motivations. 

Listen to a podcast series I conducted with artists at the Matza Edgelands exhibition.


I have written articles and interviewed people for publications such as: People of Color in Tech (POCIT), Music in Africa and researched for an article published in The Guardian.


I am also developing a culture media platform; primarily on food, music and migration.


Upcoming articles

I am currently researching upcoming articles related to UX and social impact including, improving the experience of food delievery drivers and cyclsits, digital literacy, health and UX and designing an intuitive feature in Alexa for patients with dementia.

These articles are designed to create imagination and foster innovative ideas in the design community to inspire greater social impact.

I am also working on writing UX case studies on improving apps such as Duolingo and spotify.

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