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I'm a UX Designer, researcher and a writer with a 1001 ideas and a love of solving user problems for social impact



I have a background in communications, research and content producing for NGOs and campaigns. I also have journalism and writing experience, writing articles and interviewing people for publications such as: People of Color in Tech (POCIT), Music in Africa and researched for an article published in The Guardian.


I am also currently developing a culture publication, primarily on food, music and migration.


Knowing me, knowing you, aha

At the start of every UX project is the need to get to the root. Who are the users and what are their motivations and problems? UX research and design stimulates my curiosity and fascination to understand human motivation and behaviour.


Once fuelled with insight, I enjoy advocating for the user! I go on to strategise and ideate on solutions to solve their problems and to improve their experience.


I strongly believe there's always room for improvement, which inspires me to do just that!

Through every UX solution, having a social impact is a great motivation for me. The icing on the cake! I am currently researching on UX articles related to social impact, including: Digital literacy, health and UX, designing a voice tech feature for dementia patients and improving the experience of food delivery cyclists.


Problem solving

Identifiying and fixing problems

I enjoy understanding the root cause of problems and strategising on solutions. 

I am passionate about understanding user needs, behaviours and problems, through extensive research and analysis. Once I identify the user problems, I solve them by designing intuitive and innovative solutions.


Side Projects


I enjoy creative expression and love writing about culture, migration, tech and UX case studies. I am currently developing a culture media publication, primarily on food, music and migration.

I also enjoy brainstorming, developing ideas and working in teams. Hence, I love the ideation phase in UX projects 🙂


How I stay sharp?


🙂 Regularly attend events, workshops and hackathons

🙂 Member of '24 Hours of UX community'

🙂 Participated in Design Matters conference, Copenhagen          2019 

🙂 Regularly read books, articles and listen to UX and tech          related podcasts

🙂 Writing articles and re-design case studies for apps and        websites that I am passionate about  

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